About us


Specializing in social media and paid advertising, we empower established businesses to promote their products and services online. Our mission is to provide immigrants the chance to thrive and embrace their unique cultural contributions.

In this fusion of cultures, creativity and innovation flourish, unlocking boundless potential.

We also welcome British clients who are open to expanding their horizons, embracing diversity and cultural differences. Together, we create a future where equal opportunities lead to digital success stories without borders.

Gabriela D'Andrea

Marketing Manager

Originally from Brazil, Gabriela brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic expertise to the table. With a Bachelor’s degree in Design and Photography and having studied under some of the brightest minds in Brazilian digital marketing, Gabriela’s journey has been one of continuous learning and innovation.

But Gabriela’s journey doesn’t stop there. She’s now pursuing a specialization in marketing at Bournemouth University, gaining insights into the nuances of the British market. Her goal? To provide our clients with a truly global perspective, infusing their brands with the creativity of Brazil and the strategic prowess of the UK.

Beyond her passion for marketing, Gabriela is a dedicated mother to two wonderful kids and is driven by a desire to help create a more equal world for the future.

Renato Ozzetti

General Manager

Renato is the organized heart of our business, leveraging several years of experience working in multinational companies. He excels at managing client interactions and all the essential behind-the-scenes operations, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our team. Renato’s remarkable talent lies in understanding our clients’ needs and ensuring a seamless journey throughout their experience with us. His ability to simplify processes and make the client experience seem effortless is truly remarkable.

Furthermore, Renato is deeply committed to creating opportunities for the Brazilian community, especially for those who may not yet be able to afford our services. He has initiated a platform on social media where he promotes these businesses for free, demonstrating his dedication to supporting and empowering others. His extensive experience in the corporate world infuses our operations with efficiency and precision, ensuring that every client’s experience is marked by professionalism and ease